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Fish N Flips Upper Kedron

Oh hey! Thanks for popping in. We’re Fish n Flips — a totally fresh swim school. We like to think swimming’s for everyone. Which is why we welcome all families with open flippers.

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Let’s get swimming.

Our swimming lessons start for kids as young as 3 months old. And we put play at the heart of every class — because we find that it’s the best way to learn. The best way to explore Fish N Flips? Well, by dipping in of course!

The tiniest fish (3–5 months) can start with our 8-week FREE Baby Bonding course. If your little fish is older, then it depends more on their age or ability. Ready to discover more?

Check out our levels here

Baby Bonding | 3–5 months | Up to 8 swimmers

Whoosh and swirl — forward and backward

This free eight-week course will prepare you for being in the water with your little one, so they can grow up to become one of our wonderful little fish!

Small Fry | 5–36 months | Up to 6 swimmers

Have fun showing your child a world of new experiences through songs and water-based movements. As they progress through these levels they will become a more independent swimmer. With our fun swim techniques, songs and water-based games they’ll learn how to love the water even more!

Little Flippers | 3 years + | Up to 4 swimmers

Now it’s time to increase our focus on independent swimming. From paddling and kicking to big arms and bubbles, your little fish will zoom ahead as they discover their love for the water!



20% multiple lesson, 10% family discounts apply.
Private lessons are available – please contact us for more information.

I’d like to sign up! What do I do now?

We’re not taking bookings quite just yet, but if you’d like to be the first on the list you can pop your details in the form at the end of the page and we’ll be in touch with more information soon 🙂

How much are classes? How can I pay?

Refer to the pricing tab above for a breakdown of our pricing. We also offer discounts for families with multiple children swimming, and private lessons – contact us us to find out more! Our method of payment for lessons is direct debit.

As a parent/guardian, do I need to pay to enter?

Absolutely not! Parents & guardians don’t need to pay to attend swimming lessons with their children.

What ages is Fish n Flips for?

Our program has been developed to cater for everyone, from a 3 month old bub, a school-age little fish, up to an adult or anyone in between!

Can my little fish use the pool outside of lesson times?

Our pool is purpose-built just for learn to swim, and isn’t suitable for swimming outside of lesson times.

We also have a few FAQs for our existing Fish N Flips customers. Pop over to view them!

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