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Our lessons

All of our lessons are fun, friendly and oh so welcoming!

Our Program

Our program has been developed to cater for everyone, from a 3 month old bub, a school-age little fish, up to an adult or anyone in between!
Our core swim school program is designed for students to progress through Fish n Flips 11 levels over time, building confidence, achieving skills & becoming independent.
All classes run for 30 minutes, have small student to teacher ratios and run on a consistent weekly schedule. Alternatively, you may prefer a different option (outside our standard levels), such as private classes, semi-privates, stroke correction squads or adult lessons. We cater for them all. Unsure of where your little one or you might fit, take our self assessment quiz today.

Baby Bonding | 3–5 months | Up to 8 swimmers

Whoosh and swirl — forward and backward This free eight-week course will prepare you for being in the water with your little one, so they can grow up to become one of our wonderful little fish!

Small Fry | 5–36 months | Up to 6 swimmers

Have fun showing your child a world of new experiences through songs and water-based movements. As they progress through these levels they will become a more independent swimmer. With our fun swim techniques, songs and water-based games they’ll learn how to love the water even more!

Little Flippers | 3 years + | Up to 4 swimmers

Now it’s time to increase our focus on independent swimming. From paddling and kicking to big arms and bubbles, your little fish will zoom ahead as they discover their love for the water!

Mini Masters | 3 years + advanced | Up to 6 swimmers

Watch your little fish make waves as they discover freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke kicks and strokes — and learn even more fun safety skills!

Hints & Flips

If your hopping in with your little fish in our Baby Bonding or Small Fry programs, we recommend bringing a rashie or t-shirt for them to hold onto, also a swim nappy is essential.
For all little fish in our Little Flipper and Mini Master levels, a swim cap and goggles is recommend.
Oh… and of course a towel to dry off after classes!

Our free baby bonding sessions start for little fish as young as 3 months old. Our mini masters program is suitable for bigger fish up to 14 years old. For those 14+ years plus, we offer a variety of adult and adolescent classes.

At Fish N Flips we understand that every child learns and develops their skills at different stages. To find out what level is most suitable for your child, you can complete our self assessment form online here.

Woohoo, we are excited to meet you and your little fish! You can find out which of our levels is right for your little fish by completing our self assessment form online here. Once you have assessed your little fish, we will give you a call to get you started, or if you’d like to dive right in. You can download our app from the Google Play or Apple App Store, create an account and find the time that suits your little fish!