Our App Guide - Fish N Flips Swim School

How to use our App

There's so many App's already out there, do I really need to download and use 1 more? Trust us, it's worth it! We've developed this guide to help you become a shark at using it in no time, ready to dive in? First off, if you haven't already, download our app by clicking one of the below buttons.

App Guide FAQ's

  • Once you have downloaded our app, you’ll need to select your Fish N Flips Swim School Location.
  • If you already have an account with us, click reset password, enter your email to create a password, and log in. Otherwise, click the “Create Account” button and follow the prompts.
  • Our app has 4 primary tabs. Dashboard, Booking, Account, and more;
    • Dashboard provides a quick snapshot of our venue and any upcoming news or events and shows recent skills your Little Fish has achieved.
    • Booking is where you can find a class and time to book your Little Fish in; this is only to be used for new bookings or additional bookings you wish to add to your schedule (Not makeups or for changing class times).
    • The account is your hub for managing your lessons. You can update payment details, students, contact details, and more!
    • More includes notifications, policies, and a meet the team tab where you can learn more about your swim school crew.
  • Before making your first booking, you’ll need to add some details to the account tab and add a student.
  • You’ll first need to navigate to the account tab and select the Little Fish whose class you want to change.
  • Select the enrollment option.
  • Find the class you wish to change and tap the transfer enrollment button for the class.
  • You’ll then view the other class times of the same level and find a time that works for you and your Little Fish’s schedule. 
  • Once you’ve found a suitable time, follow the prompts to confirm your transfer request!

Flips #1 Tip: Once you get to step 4 and see the other classes available, you can use the options at the top of the screen to filter to show only openings.

  • Navigate to the booking tab, then click ‘Find a class”.
  • Select the Little Fish you want to enrol in or click the ‘Add New Student’ option. Then tap the ‘See Classes’ button.
  • Here, you can browse our class timetable and find a suitable time for your Little Fish to enrol at their level.
  • Using the booking filters at the top of the screen, you can filter days/levels/and availability to help you find a suitable time faster. The below screengrab shows the position of the filter options with the pink circle.
  • Once you find a class time that works for you, tap the class, then the ‘Enrol now’ option, and follow the prompts to complete your booking.
  • To notify absent for your Little Fish’s class, you’ll need to navigate to the “account” tab first.
  • From here, select the student for whom you wish to notify absent.
  • Select the “Future Absences” option.
  • Select the “by date” option and follow the prompts to add in the dates you’d like to mark absent.

*Please note that class attendance must be marked absent at least one hour before a class to receive a makeup token.

Flips #1 tip: If you’d like to see your previous attendance record for your Little Fish’s classes, you can do this under the “Attendance” option in their student profile.

  • Under the Account tab in the app, select the student for whom you wish to book a makeup.
  • Select the Makeups option.
  • Select the “Available Makeup Token” you want to use from the drop-down.
  • Follow the prompts to find a suitable time to book.

*Makeup tokens can take up to 12 hours to appear after the class you missed has occurred.

  • To update your payment details, you’ll need to navigate to the “account” tab first.
  • From here, scroll down to the payment section.
  • You can add a new payment method or edit an existing one on file.
  • Follow the prompts to update your information or add a new method.

Flips #1 tip: You can edit which payment method is your primary method for using our Direct Debit by editing the payment method and selecting the “Set to primary” option.

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