About Us - Fish N Flips Swim School


Fish N Who?

Fish n Flips was founded on the fundamental principle that kids & adults (like you) learn best through play. Our team approaches lessons with the energy that can only be matched by a 4 year old. By putting the childs experience first we believe that structured play and exploration in the water, builds swim skills and water safety faster for your little fish.

Our classes maximise movement, promote curiosity and support little fish in their confidence and abilities. We like to celebrate the small wins at every opportunity, this encouragement adds to a little fishs experience along their journey as they develop swim skills used for life.

But don’t just take our word for it. Our specialised program is backed by academic research, occupational therapists and over 30 years of industry experience in our companys network.


To spark a long lasting
love of swimming
through play


Our fresh take on Swimming isn't the only thing that makes us different. We are a collection of passionate humans who love teaching kids to be water safe, independent little fish who can enjoy the water, wherever they are.

Meet Flips

Flips is our friendly little fish friend. They love meeting new people and helping others learn how to swim. Nothing makes Flips happier than someone fulfilling their potential — whatever that looks like!

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